Thank you, thank you, thank you. Publish Your Nonfiction Book was the first book I read when I was researching the idea of traditionally publishing the manuscript to my memoir, Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire. Though I eventually decide to go the self-publish route, I worked tirelessly on implementing every single strategy you wrote about in the book. I followed your advice to a T and I have to tell you, it has paid off more than I could ever imagine. My mind is blown by the success of your strategies.

Build Platform - Four months before I put my book out, I was busy building my platform by creating a Facebook page to promote the book. I had an editor tell me that a good "fan" number to reach was 400. I'm excited to let you know that I have just surpassed the 114,000 mark for Facebook likes. My page has officially gone viral and I'm acquiring over 2,000 likes a day, organically.

Discipline is Your Friend - I never gave up, I followed through with everything, and after each step, I congratulated myself on being one of the few that had made it to that point. My determination paid off. Here's to Not Catching our Hair on Fire, by the grace of all that is awesome, has managed to sustain Amazon best-seller status in 1-3 categories at any given time. It's a sad and funny memoir about living with ADHD and giftedness and I'm floored at how well it's been received. The book now has over 72 Amazon reviews with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and I receive at least twenty emails a day from people that connect to my story or Facebook page.

The success hasn't stopped there - since my book came out, I've been named as one of the Top 10 ADHD Bloggers by Dr. Oz's "Sharecare" team, I'm now a writer for ADDitude Magazine on-line, I was recently a social media contributor on CBS' The Talk and I've just written a TV treatment which I've adapted from the book that I believe is equally special.

I'm overwhelmed by the success of the book and the impact my voice is having. I feel like I'm sitting on a gold mine here. I just wanted to thank you. You gave me the key to success and now I just have to figure out what to do with that success!

Stacey Turis, Author of Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire
Facebook - where over 112k awesome humans dig my wits.


Sharlene helped me make my dream of writing a book become a reality. I reviewed and met with many agents and found Sharlene to be the best. I had never written a book and didn't know where to start but Sharlene guided me through the whole process. Sharlene helped me find a co-writer, a publisher, and help me to promote my book. Sharlene was quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I could not ask for a better agent. Thank you, Sharlene!
--Shyima Hall, Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave
(Simon and Schuster Young Readers, January, 2014)


Sharlene Martin did everything she promised: She sold my book, and she sold it quickly. But that doesn't really tell the whole story. Whenever I needed to know something, she immediately responded to my emails, day, night and weekend. She gave me her honest assessment of how the book was faring with the publishers she submitted it to, and when it sold, she sent along a lot of helpful advice on what I should be doing for next steps.

Sharlene has a way with one-liners that get to the point without forcing people to wade through a lot of text, too. The one that sticks out to me: "Good is better than fast." But it wasn't just that one. When something needed to be said, she said it without gussying it up, which was refreshing to me in a busy world where my attention is already torn between family and work. It's a true pleasure to work with someone who gets it like Sharlene does.
--Leif Wright, Deadly Vows (New Horizon, Jan. 2014)


Sharlene Martin's work ethic is unbelievable. The same day I handed off my book proposal to MLM, she had it in the hands of every major publisher. Five days later she had a major pre-emptive book deal. Sharlene Martin is the Jerry Maguire of literary agents: she is all about personal attention. She's not just an agent; she's a friend who will advocate on behalf of her clients. I couldn't have asked for a better agent.

--Matt Lysiak, NEWTOWN: An American Tragedy, Gallery/S&S, December 14, 2013


When we contacted Sharlene at the beginning of this very exciting journey, we had no idea the level of commitment and creativity she would bring to this project. Her knowledge of the literary business and her ability to sense the direction in which we should go, took all the stress and doubt away from us as we pursued this life changing opportunity.

Not only did Sharlene sell our story in record breaking time, but as she was doing so, she did not treat us as just one of her many clients- she prioritized us and made us feel so comfortable and at ease- every conversation, all our collaboration on the proposal, was such a pleasant experience. She gave us such undivided and personalized attention- making sure we were well informed, and empowered us to make the decisions that were best for us. We will always be so grateful to her for her endless optimism, constant encouragement and tireless work to help us reach our goal.

Thank you, Sharlene for all you have done to get us to this point! We will never forget all your support and the fantastic people you have brought into our lives! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that you have greatly influenced and made possible for us! Your honesty and fortitude have made it possible for us see a bright future ahead-Thank you is just not enough!

--Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm, IMPOSSIBLE ODDS: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by Seal Team Six (Atria Books/S&S, May 14, 2013)


Sharlene Martin is known as a great agent and a true professional, but she is also a kind, altruistic person with a vision. I have been fortunate she consented to be my literary agent, although I am a new author and my debut novel is an historical romance, a genre she doesn't usually represent. She generously made an exception for me, and thanks to her guidance my book is about to be published, fulfilling a very special dream in my life. There are no words to express my gratitude and respect for her.

--Adriana Girolami, Revenge of the Knights Templar


Sharlene Martin is a wonder. From the first minute I spoke to her about my book, I knew I was in competent and safe hands. Her guidance through the many drafts of my proposal was so appreciated. Even though there were some rejections, which is to be expected, her supportive emails and phone calls were so comforting--especially her famous words, "It only takes one!" She found the perfect "one" publisher for my book and never gave up hope, even when I was about to. I could not have imagined anyone better to represent me and I look forward to working together on many projects in the future!

--Linda Daly, The Last Pilgrimage: A Mother/Daughter Quest for a Miracle (Counterpoint, Spring 2013)


Sharlene has been a beacon of light for me from the first day I reached out to her. She believed in me when no one else did. Every day I thank God for her support and guidance. She is always there to answer my questions and guiding me thru every step with full certainty. Sharlene has amazing judgment and wisdom. Thru my experience, I've realized she is very respected by her peers and is preceded by her amazing reputation for always being honest and delivering quality work. I adore the personal attention she gives me, and it's easy to see why all her clients including myself, feel like they are "the one and only." I have never had to worry knowing she is on my side, fighting for me, and I trust her completely. I look forward to future endeavors knowing she always has my back.

--Lyssa Chapman, Walking on Eggshells (Simon & Schuster, Howard Books, 2013)


Sharlene Martin is an amazing person, hard worker, and wonderful literary agent. When my story was first released reporters and everyone else who wanted, a piece of my story immediately bombarded me. Being 17 at the time I had no clue what I would have done not having her by my side. She took immediate charge and did not let anyone take advantage of me. Sharlene knows the publishing industry and works extremely hard for her clients. Thank you Sharlene for taking a chance with a story now shared with many.

--Gaby Rodriguez, The Pregnancy Project (Simon & Schuster Y/A, January 2012)


What most authors love about Sharlene is her compassion for them and her commitment to their books. Above and beyond, why I chose Sharlene as an agent was for her fighting spirit-- she has assertively represented me in ways I couldn't do on my own. Thanks for protectively having my back!

--Shasta Nelson, Friendships Don't Just Happen (Turner, 2012)


Sharlene did a wonderful job for me. She became my light when I was struggling to tell my story as a memoir. Her efforts were the most significant to me. She did the best job anyone could and figured out how to give me the chance to rebuild my life again with a positive outlook. Even though publishing is a business, this opportunity includes something more-- something much more valuable-- a second chance, which is a blessing from God. Thank you, Sharlene. I thank you again and again.

--Raffaele Sollecito, (Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books, Sept. 2012)



Sharlene, You were great! You came with an infectious enthusiasm for books and writers, you provided useful and realistic information and you were entertaining. And of course the gift books delighted the recipients. Thanks very much. If the world works as it ought to, one of these students will send you a letter in a year or so that blows you away with the first sentence.

Also, just wanted you to know that I read Publish Your Nonfiction Book last week and recommended it to my students last night in my lecture on researching and writing books. It's smart, engaging, easily digestible, and realistic. I also surveyed a couple of competing books but told them that in my opinion, yours is the one to buy and use.

--Larry Cheek


Sharlene, Just finished reading "Publish Your Nonfiction Book" as I'm preparing a proposal that I've worked on refining for about a year. I've read over 250 books over the past year researching competitive titles and about a dozen books on proposals - your book on proposals was fresh, direct and relevant! Thank you again for creating such an up to date and focused resource; it was helpful in pushing me to the next level.

--David Dalka, Motivational Business Keynote Speaker

Click to


Dear Sharlene and Anthony, I just wanted to send a quick, but heartfelt, thank you for the Seattle Writer's Publishing Salon. It was extremely helpful and interesting--and I am so looking forward to the next one! (I am also looking forward to reading your book) :) Again, thank you. Very sincerely, Elizabeth (Rose Stanton)


Despite a very tough publishing market, Sharlene placed my latest true-crime book with a major publisher. As the author of 16 books, I'm very impressed with Sharlene's knowledge of the publishing world and her helpful comments. It's a real pleasure to have her as my literary agent.

--Robert Scott, True Crime Author, The Girl In the Leaves (Berkley, 2012)


Sharlene represented my recent book (which she quickly sold even in this difficult market). This was my first book and I knew almost nothing about the publishing world. Sharlene not only took care of all the details and "heavy-lifting," but she educated me on the business at the same time. I have complete faith in her and what she can do. She is good at what she does, she never promised what she could not deliver, and she was up-front with every transaction. She is the real deal.

--Steve Moore, Special Agent Man (Chicago Review Press, 2012)


I often and fondly recall my meetings with you and Anthony Flacco in Milwaukee. The two of you convey a degree of integrity that's refreshing and rare.

--Robert L. Welker, Ph.D.


In addition to being an incredible joy, Sharlene's passion, zest and gusto make her a tour de force. I have Sharlene (and one of her talented authors Darren Kavinoky) to thank for helping to create the true crime TV series, Deadly Sins, that we are all currently fortunate enough to be producing for the Investigation Discovery network. Sharlene's comprehensive understanding, extensive contacts and the respect she commands within the true crime world has opened doors for us to tell some of the best true crime stories out there. I wish I had half of the drive and determination of this woman. It's rare that you get to meet a dynamo like Sharlene, but to get to work with her is a terrific honor and a privilege. She makes me want to be better and do better. Thanks Sharlene!.

--Van King, Series Producer/Showrunner for "Deadly Sins"


Sharlene Martin has very high standards. She knows her stuff. She is professional, sharp, hardworking, focused and determined. Sharlene is a lot of things. But when she's your agent she's also the best advocate your book could ever have. When Jeff Matovic and I set out to get our upcoming book, "Ticked" sold to a high-quality company we didn't know a thing about the publishing world. But with Sharlene's steady hand, gentle guidance and dogged determination we were able to make our dreams come true and land a fantastic deal with a very prestigious literary publisher. Now the fascinating story of Jeff's groundbreaking surgery and recovery from one of the worst cases of Tourette's doctors had ever seen will be in bookstores nationwide. When I told Sharlene that Jeff's miracle inspired me to rise above my own Tourette's and win a national writing award (after personally being told about his story by Oprah Winfrey) - she wanted to help us tell the world. It wasn't easy. But she worked hard for us, always returned our emails, and kept us in the loop every step of the way. I can honestly say that when you have Sharlene Martin as your agent you have a true professional who with Anthony Flacco, literally wrote the book on how to publish your nonfiction book. It's called (what else?) "Publish Your Nonfiction Book," and if you want to get published I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it cover to cover. Thanks for everything, Sharlene. You're the best!

-Jim Fussell, Ticked (Chicago Review Press, 2013)


It was with pleasure meeting you at the Willamette Writers conference and I want to thank you for your advice. I received volumes of good knowledge from your "Crazy Queries" seminar and I am reading "Publish Your Nonfiction Book". Even though I am a fiction writer and your book is geared towards nonfiction, nevertheless, it is helping me to learn the publishing business and how to sell my book and building a successful career in the field.

--Dale Duman, Willamette Writer's Conference


Ms. Martin,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent class at the Willamette Writer's Conference. "Crazy Queries" was the perfect way to start off what turned out to be an amazing experience (5 requests for partials on only 3 pitches!). Thanks for such a fun beginning!

-Benjamin Gorman


Thank YOU so much for participating in our event. You really have your finger on the pulse of the book industry and a real understanding of the needs of aspiring authors.

--Kathleen Thorne, Adult Programming Coordinator, Kitsap Regional Library


Sharlene took what could have become a very bumpy and frustrating publishing experience and turned it into a smooth and successful ride. This book is very important to me, and it was obvious from day one that it was important to Sharlene as well. I count having her as an advocate as one of my life's many good fortunes.

--Kyle Garlett, Heart of Iron, Chicago Review Press, June 2011


Sharlene is a tireless advocate. As a published author herself, she knows publishing from both sides of the desk. Her success rate in matching books to publishers speaks for itself and her ability to champion her clients and their work is incomparable.

--Jessica Kaye, Kaye & Mills (Intellectual Property, Entertainment Attorney)


Dear Anthony and Sharlene,
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to write 'Publish Your Nonfiction Book'. As a first time writer I found it informative, interesting and above all an easy read. I'll be in touch once when I've completed my homework!

--Richard Davies


"Sharlene and Anthony's webinar was well worth the time and money. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount in a relatively short time, but found the information and guidance to be unlike anything I've been able to learn elsewhere."

--Christopher Graham, Co-founder and Technical Administrator, Backspace, LLC


After several frustrating months, my co-author and I teamed-up with Sharlene Martin. It was such a relief to have Sharlene to take over and guide us through the confusing process. And most importantly, she sold our book! It's been a pleasure getting to know her and I'm glad I can count on her as an agent and a friend.

--Hilary Williams, Sign of Life, DaCapo Press, 2010


Thanks for writing back to me several months ago when I queried you on my book. Your reply was thoughtful and encouraging, and gave me some hope. It also reminded me that real people work in this business at a time when I was beginning to think the opposite was true.

Thanks for tweeting about Publish Your Nonfiction Book. I bought it and am finding that truth rings from every page. As a new writer, I have learned on my own recently much of what you and Anthony wrote about. It's good to see that what I am experiencing is corroborated in your book. It's practical and honest and kind, all at once.

--John Carpenter, St. Louis, MO


Sharlene's webinar was outstanding. Of course, Anthony's contribution was also fantastic. Between the info I got from these two wonderful people, plus what I am already getting from their book on publishing non-fiction, I can already see several ways that I can polish and improve my book proposal.

--Richard L., Chicago, IL


As the CEO of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts and an attendee, I want to thank you for being part of the Whidbey Island Writers' Association mini-conference. Your suggestions and the information in your book, Publish Your Nonfiction Book, which I have just finished reading the first of several times, are invaluable.

--Alan Ament


"Sharlene is a total pro. She stays on top of every client's project as if it were her own. She fights for the best deal possible, and gets it. She is a pleasure to talk to, knows the industry, loves good books, and helps keep her writers inspired to do well."

-- Tom Mashberg, co-author of Stealing Rembrandt, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011


"As a first-time author, I had little understanding of what to expect from a literary agent outside of the stereotypes one reads about or sees on television. Sharlene Martin turned out to be anything but that stereotype. She is remarkably helpful, returns calls and e-mails almost immediately, and meant it when she said she would keep me informed throughout the process. Sharlene also put my interests before an easy sell. She cares, and she's trustworthy, informed, and armed with great advice for whatever curveball is thrown my way".

--Anthony Amore, Stealing Rembrandt, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011


"I was a first time author without representation. I sent Sharlene my book proposal and she responded almost immediately. Five days after signing with her she called to tell me she had received an offer from one of New York's top publishers! But Sharlene didn't stop there. She ended up receiving multiple offers and secured a major book deal through St. Martin's Press!! This all happened in less than two weeks and none of it would have been possible without Sharlene's passion, dedication and tenacity. I can never thank her enough for taking a chance on an unknown writer."


--Shanna Hogan, PICTURE PERFECT: The Jodi Arias Story, St. Martin's Press, November 2013

DANCING WITH DEATH: The True Story of a Glamorous Showgirl, her Wealthy Husband, and a Horrifying Murder
St. Martin's Press, June 2011


"More often than not, things move slowly in the publishing world. For writers, this can be excruciating. The moment I connected with Sharlene Martin, my current book project was moved to the front burner. I emailed Sharlene a description of the book and she immediately replied, asking to read the proposal. Instantly, we were underway. Sharlene is always in touch and always gives honest, straightforward feedback-- immediately. Even better, she understands writers and I feel that she is always on my side. Thanks for being in my corner and more importantly, for selling my book!"

--M.B. Roberts, Sign of Life: A Story of Family, Tragedy, Music and Healing, DaCapo Press, 2010


"Sharlene understands the publishing industry and works hard to help her clients navigate the murky waters of the business . She has the contacts, the experience, and an insider's sense of what's what. I appreciate the attention she gives her clients who may not make the best seller list, as well as those who do. She is a pro.."

--Phyllis Gobbell, A Season of Darkness, Berkley/Penguin Putnam, 2010


"In working with Sharlene as part of her ghostwriting "stable," I've discovered her to be one of the few agents who gives authors what they so desperately need: a clear, honest view of the publishing business and their prospects. She doesn't pull punches, gives authors the straight scoop, and is very selective about who she takes on. When she does take authors on, she goes to the mat for them and works to help them become the best they can be. She's tough-minded, shrewd, and skeptical, which are huge assets in this business. In an industry filled with spin and empty promises, Sharlene is a breath of fresh air."

--Tim Vandehey, Ghostwriter


"Sharlene, it is because of your hard work that so many will benefit from this tragic yet inspiring story. Thank you for believing in me and connecting me to Jenna Glatzer. It was a pleasure meeting you, our journey has just begun and I already feel we will have a lifelong friendship."

--Susan Markowitz,, My Stolen Son: The Nick Markowitz Story, Berkley/Penguin Putnam, 2010


"Sharlene... You have the distinct honor of being the 'only' literary agent who ever told me to keep trying... you didn't have any room for me at the time... But I never forgot the love you showed me with a few simple emails... First Puerto Rican from the Bronx to get a major book deal (Simon & Schuster) for a memoir... I know it's a mouth full but it makes me proud... And now while finalizing my third book... I just want to thank you for being honest and sincere and not breaking my spirit!
All the best and continued success to you in all you do!"

--Ivan Sanchez, Next Stop: Growing up Wild-Style in The Bronx, Simon and Schuster


Thank you for your wonderful, informative talk last night. It was a superb way to end the quarter. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

--Carlene Cross, Memoir Instructor


I can't say enough about what Sharlene Martin has meant to me professionally and personally. In a little over two years Sharlene has been able to sell four of my books, exceeding all of my expectations and helping me to fulfill my dream of becoming a working author. Not only is Sharlene a constant cheerleader and source of support for my efforts, but she is a tenacious businesswoman who always has her clients' best interests at heart and is willing to go to bat for them. She is also someone with a keen understanding of the marketplace who will give you honest feedback about what she thinks will sell, and as hard as it is sometimes to hear, what will not sell. I appreciate her candor and her hard work on my behalf. I look forward to having a long and successful relationship with Sharlene.

--Amanda Lamb, Author of Berkley Books Deadly Dose, Evil Eyes, The Nancy Cooper Story and Smotherhood (Skirt!/Globe Pequot)


I feel very fortunate to have Sharlene Martin as my literary agent. She is a consummate experienced professional, well connected in the industry, who sincerely believed in me from day one. She was both creative and aggressive in crafting a book deal for me during difficult economic times. Sharlene afforded me rare heartfelt professional guidance as she patiently walked me through the process, taking whatever time was needed to explain all the particulars every step of the way. She exhibits a sobering fairness and enthusiasm that helped to harness my eagerness and anxieties and for this I am forever grateful.

--Jim Cole, Blindsided: Surviving a Grizzly Attack and Still Loving the Great Bear St. Martin's Press, 2010


Sharlene understands her clients more than any other literary agent I've worked with. For us it was all about trust. Publishing a book inspired by my daughters, there was nothing more personal than my children's legacies. Sharlene not only helped us advance our cancer research charity, through wide publication of the book, but also became a trusted friend in guiding us through the turbulent waters of mass market publication. I can honestly say that at every step she looked out for our best interests in advancing the cause while balancing our need to keep our family close to our hearts. She has the contacts, salesmanship and vision to sign large book deals with the respect, integrity and conscience to know when not to compromise. She has my confidence and trust and should have yours as well..

-- Keith Desserich, Notes Left Behind, Wm. Morrow/HarperCollins, October, 2009     
Book Trailer


"Sharlene Martin is the perfect literary agent. Sharlene offered me crucial guidance and encouragement, while simultaneously pushing my project aggressively to those who count. When revisions were requested, Sharlene guided me through the process and wouldn't rest until she saw the result we both wanted-a book sale. Also, she's just a lot of fun to hang out with."

--Jane Velez-Mitchell, IWant, Health Communications Inc., 2009


We published the hardcover edition of "Front of the Class." When Hallmark decided to crash the book as a Hallmark Hall-of-Fame Movie to come out early December, we needed to find a publisher with the added capital and clout that would be needed to crash and promote a paperback edition and get it on bookstore shelves during the competitive holiday season. Sharlene Martin placed the rights successfully with St. Martin's Press on our behalf. This took a good network, perseverance, appropriate haste, and a clear understanding of what was at stake for all parties. I was thrilled with Sharlene's speed and tenacity and equally thrilled that Brad Cohen's inspirational story would be getting its much deserved increased visibility.

--Meredith Rutter, Publisher, VanderWyk & Burnham


"Sharlene has been dogged in pursuing my interests. Having her on my team has made the difference between being a published author and dying in obscurity."

--Sam Chapman, CEO - The No-Gossip Zone and Ten Other Tips for a Healthy Work Environment, Sourcebooks, 2009


I'm convinced Sharlene Martin's brain works at warp speed and for this, I'm very, very grateful. From the lightening pace with which she digested our proposal and made an offer of representation, to eliciting many, many requests from prestigious publishing houses, to her rapid-fire emails -- well, she's just a phenomenon in her own right. Thank you so much Sharlene for your insights into the business, your hard work, and most of all, quickly securing us a contract that we're very happy with.

--Jennifer Marine and Carol Marine, No One's the Bitch, Globe Pequot Press, 2009


When I carpet-bombed literary agents, asking if any of them would be interested in my true crime manuscript, none of them could be bothered to respond to the email of a no-name no-credit writer. But Sharlene Martin saw something that those other agents couldn't see: a successful book.

You can thank dozens of people for making you a writer: your English teacher, your mom, or Buddha--but only one person can make you an author--a literary agent. And Sharlene Martin is the best.

--Kevin Flynn, Wicked Intentions, New Horizon Press


I can't say enough about Sharlene Martin; she's been a tremendous advocate and literary agent. I especially appreciated her tireless efforts to get my work positioned with the top publishers. She's smart, honest, and never pulls any punches. Thanks to her, my book is coming out with a prestigious press in a turn-around time that one could only dream of-specially negotiated by Sharlene to get it most attention. She's my agent for life!

--Susan Neuman, Changing the Odds for Children at Risk, Praeger Publishing


"I think the class was phenomenal and I learned so much from Sharlene, Anthony and Ginny. Sharlene Martin is so knowledgeable, as well as genuine, and made each of us feel special and that our work is important."

"Sharlene and Anthony were AWESOME! For such successful people, they were warm, friendly and unpretentious! They also know their business and teach it so you can understand it."


"Sharlene Martin is the rock star of literary agents! She represents her clients using a killer combination of passion, tenacity, and guts. Thank you, Sharlene for believing in me, for fighting for me, and never giving up. I appreciate you!"

Lisa Steadman, The Relationship Journalist-Adams Media author (3 books)


When I first met Sharlene at a pitch session at the 2007 Jack London Writers Conference, I felt impressed by the professionalism and genuine interest she showed as I nervously described my proposal. I felt she truly believed in the potential of the book Congressman Jerry McNerney and I hoped to co-write about sustainable energy and America's future survival as a nation. Sharlene is a real go-getter, I soon discovered , when she signed us up as clients. She worked hard and found us a wonderful publishing house that truly wants the best for our project.

Martin Cheek, CLEAN ENERGY NATION: Freeing America from the Tyranny of Fossil Fuels, AMACOM,
July 2011


Sharlene Martin is truly the Gold Standard of literary agents. From the moment Sharlene responded to my query, through the proposal process, to the eventual sale of my book to a major publisher, I knew I was in unbelievably capable hands. Sharlene is a "think outside the box" agent who could see the potential in my book when other agents were unable to pigeonhole it. Her enthusiasm and her faith in it never flagged, and within a few months we had serious interest and offers from publishers. Editors clearly hold Sharlene in high regard and respond to her quickly, with both warmth and respect. Sharlene Martin's energy, enthusiasm, and creativity makes working with her pure joy.

Jessica Bram, Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes from a Joyful Journey, HCI, 2009


If you are a first time author with a viable manuscript, Sharlene Martin is the literary agent for you. She will get the manuscript in the hands of appropriate publishers with her excellent industry contacts. Sharlene doesn't leave you stranded. She communicates with authors throughout the process. Negotiating good contracts is one of her many strengths. I found the consummate professional in working with Sharlene.

Calvin Hodock, Why Smart Companies do Dumb Things, 2008


Sharlene is an agent unlike any other. I had heard that most agents were slow to respond to queries, and it could be months before I received any response. Not Sharlene. She responded to my emailed query within minutes asking for my book proposal. She helped work the book proposal into great shape with insightful and useful comments. After a brief whirlwind, we had a deal inked, just four months after my first email to her, and just as I got responses from other agents. Her wealth of experience made the entire contract process painless. Sharlene is professional, hardworking and unstoppable. She responds quickly to questions (I don't think she sleeps) and is always available for her authors. She softens the inevitable rejections during the process. She strongly advocates for her clients and is a tenacious negotiator. Sharlene is the agent you want in your corner.

--Jennifer Taggert, Esq., Smart Mama's Green Guide, Center Street, HBGUSA, 2009


Sharlene Martin is one of the brightest and most creative agents I have worked with in recent years. And even better, she is one of the most persistent agents in the business.

--David Dunham, The Dunham Group (Former Publisher of Thomas Nelson)


I first met Sharlene Martin when she approached me about doing a prologue for O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It, which I ghostwrote. She is a supreme professional, a pleasure to work with, and a very tough negotiator - a good thing if she's on your team. Thank you, Sharlene. It was a great experience. I look forward to more of the same.

--Pablo F. Fenjves, Bestselling Ghostwriter and Screenwriter (WGA)


"When someone believes in you, there is nothing too difficult or impossible to achieve. Sharlene believed in my book and would not quit until she sold it. She is the most tenacious person I know, and I'm so very fortunate she is my agent and cheer leader. Not only did she fight for me. She makes me feel as though I'm her only client with all the attention I get. I know I'm well represented and taken care of."

--Geri Spieler, Taking Aim At The President: The Remarkable Story of the Woman Who Shot Gerald Ford, Palgrave McMillan, 2009


Thank you from the bottom of my heart about the amazing work that you did in getting us our book deal. You are truly a professional and one of the rare individuals who truly understands your client's needs. I still cannot believe that in such a short time you were able to accomplish all of our goals. The great advance was the icing on the cake.

-Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS

Thank you for believing in our mission and possessing the expertise to bring it to fruition.

Douglas Hamilton, MD

Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets: A Prominent Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon's Guide to Facial Rejuvenation, Wiley, May,2008


Three months ago, I hit SEND, and transmitted an e-query to Martin Literary Management; the twentieth query that week. Three hours later, my phone rang. On the other end was Sharlene Martin. Today, August 21, I have signed my first publishing contract, with a house that I'm convinced will give one hundred percent to ensure my first book's success. But all their efforts, no matter how successful they might be, will never match the incredible effort Sharlene Martin gave to place it.

Her company's logline is 'Considerate Literary Management For The 21st Century'. Personally, I think it's a short-sell. This is the most indefatigable, no nonsense, two-fisted literary agent in the business today. She doesn't have a clue what the word quit means, she answers e-mails in her sleep, and takes on books nobody wants, turning them into bestsellers damned near overnight. 'Considerate?' Sure. Fearless? On the money, honey. In fact, I'm personally lobbying for the logline to change to 'Sharlene Martin - The Gutsiest Damned Literary Agent Alive.'Bless you, Sharlene. I thank my lucky stars for you.

-Jeffrey Buckner Ford, River of No Return: Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Woman He Loved, Cumberland House, Spring, 2008 (Read THE QUERY, Parts 1-4)


Sharlene and I are in the business of fulfilling dreams. She helps aspiring authors; I help college-bound students. Sharlene understood my passion and urgency and, despite a highly competitive marketplace, she secured a book deal with a New York publisher in less than three months. One thing that I like about Sharlene is her drive and professionalism. She returns your calls and emails almost immediately, she advises you on how to improve your pitch, she offers candor about the marketplace and much more. No run-on sentence is long enough to describe her value to writers. On behalf of the students who will benefit from my book, I thank Sharlene for being my shepherd.

-Kim Stezala, The Street Guide to Scholarships, Amacom, Spring, 2008


If you want a true study or demonstration of high speed energy or "chi" movement be so lucky as to work with Sharlene. The effort and energy she puts into her representation for her clients is amazing - I don't think she sleeps! In less than 24 hours of submitting my query letter I was asked to send my manuscript. Within the next 24 hours I was offered her representation along with sent contract. All of this happened in one short weekend! My challenge was to find a rep who has a true passion and belief in new concepts, someone who has the ability to get 200% excited about birthing a new idea. Sharlene does the above with respect, focus and excitement; treating my book and me in a true professional manner. Sharlene is extremely understanding of workflow, puts forth doable timetables and was helpful in all ways in "buffing" up my proposal (which she personally augmented and improved) and platform to give my book a chance to stand out amongst the crowd! The publisher's list she contacted was right on target for the book's content and I was kept in the "loop" with prompt updates as well as responses to all my questions including a few "how are you doing on x y and z?" polite reminders. Most of all, she is very patient of my "out of the box" belief system and schedules. She has been a great supporter and a super advocate for all things good for my product and my benefit. Quite frankly, when I finished writing Fur Shui, I was not at all looking forward to stepping into the "wild" and foreign land of literary agents and publishing (I had been "warned"!). To my delight, I found a wonderful and honest guide who navigates, plots and plans all the best routes to take, arranging the best introductions as well as being the best sentinel for my precious "cargo". Thank you Sharlene for letting my light shine bright and making my dream of being published a reality!

-Paula Brown, Fur Shui, Lyons Press, Spring, 2008


From the moment Sharlene requested the proposal of our book (within an hour of receiving our query letter), she completely broke the stereotype of agents. We had heard that agents take forever to get back to authors no matter the issue or question; Sharlene always answered us within an hour or two. We had heard that revising a book proposal so that it's in the best possible shape to send to publishers was a long and laborious process based on vague recommendations from, and with no help from, the agent; Sharlene went over our proposal line by line, made useful, and wonderfully substantive suggestions, and reread and commented upon the changed version. We had heard that many agents send out the proposal fairly randomly to publishers; Sharlene developed a list of publishers very relevant to the subject matter of our book. We had heard that negotiating a contract with a publisher was a painful process; Sharlene knew exactly what she was doing so that this process was simple for us.

In other words, Sharlene has the attributes of the very best of agents. She's hardworking (actually that's an understatement, she is one of the most focused and hardworking people we have ever met). She is quickly responsive to, and a strong advocate for, her authors. She's an experienced and successful matchmaker, with wonderful instincts as to which publishers would offer a good home to an author's book. She's tenacious, and she gets the job done. And she's tireless in softening for her authors those hard bumps (like those rejections) on the journey to a contract. Her results speak for themselves: she requested our book proposal within an hour of receiving our query letter; sent us her contract to represent us within a day; helped us whip our proposal into shape within a week; got the proposal to her list of appropriate publishers within another week; and got us a contract within 3 months of our first email to her. And, as shown by the similar experience that her other authors have had, this is her standard way of working. That says it all.

Any author would be more than fortunate to have Sharlene Martin as an agent. Thank you, Sharlene!

-Janet Horn, M.D. and Robin Miller, M.D., The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond: A No-Nonsense Approach to Staying Healthy After 50, New Harbinger, Spring, 2008


“After years of research, I finally wrote “my” book, and then it dawned on me…I knew nothing about publishing. So, I went looking for an agent and did I get lucky! After she read my manuscript, Sharlene sent me a contract I understood and only a few months later, she had found a publisher. What a wonderful experience to work with someone who never seems to rest, works incredibly hard for her clients, seems to know every one in the industry, and is very supportive! She’s made my dream of telling an unusual, but important story possible and she never broke stride in her efforts to make that possible. I can’t say enough about working with Sharlene Martin.”

-Aine Collier, The Humble Little Condom: A History, Prometheus Books, Sept. 2007


Any author would be lucky to have Sharlene as an agent. Within a week of submitting our manuscript to Sharlene, she had read it and agreed to represent us. After just two more weeks, she had our book proposal (crafted under her careful eye) in the hands of numerous top editors. One month later, we had a contract.

Sharlene seems to work 24 hours a day for her clients. She calls; she emails; she nudges; she plans; and we're convinced she knows everyone in the business. She's honest, optimistic, delightful, and tireless. We couldn't have found a better advocate for our book!"

-John Heath & Lisa Adams, Why We Read What We Read, Sourcebooks, Fall, 2007


"This journey to get my book published has been all the more enjoyable because of working with Sharlene Martin. Possessing the rare gifts of being caring, personable and articulate, along with her excellent business sense, Sharlene has made the experience pleasurable. It was that way because I know how dedicated Sharlene is to what she does. After negotiating the contracts in my best interest, she made the remark "Now, wasn't that easy?" In my mind, it is only the truly professional and experienced person, who is so perfect at what she does, that she makes it look easy while we all know it is quite the opposite. Sharlene's style of gently suggesting, guiding, encouraging and leading is unique. She is forthright and conveys her trustworthiness and sincerity easily. I know the things she has told me she probably has said hundreds of times before. But, Sharlene manages to keep her words fresh as though you were the first one with whom she has shared these things. She conveys a genuine caring which I know is definitely unlike the usual LA style of flattery and unfulfilled promises. Sharlene says what she means and follows through with it. Her words are always filled with wisdom and experience. From the very outset, it was clear to me that Sharlene was a singular individual whom I might trust, without reservation, to work in my best interests. I believe myself an extremely fortunate person to have her as my agent."

-Psychiatrist, Stan Kapuchinski, M.D., Say Goodbye to Your PDI, HCI Books, Fall, 2007


"We cannot say enough about the professionalism and energy Sharlene and Martin Literary Management have brought to the effort of finding a publisher for our book. She certainly knows the business and is widely respected in the industry. This is obvious from the number and quality of the publishers requesting submissions. As novice book authors, we have been helped immeasurably, from the early stages of shaping the proposal to negotiating terms for publication. And, amazingly, she answers our emails… right away. The bottom line: Sharlene is the epitome of what you need in an agent, which is why she and so many of her clients are successful. We are thankful to be included."

-Wesley Millett and Gerald White, The Rebel and the Rose, Cumberland House, Summer, 2007



"All that a writer, especially a first time author, can really ask for is to have their creative work reviewed by those who have the power to turn it into a book. The publishing world is one tough business, and getting inside the inner sanctum may be the most difficult challenge. With Sharlene in your corner, you have someone with energy, focus, experience and commitment who can help you navigate the labyrinth--she is the key that opens the door."

-Michael Glasgow, The Bridge, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Fall, 2008 An Unfinished Canvas: The Mysterious Disappearance of Artist Janet March, Berkley Publishing, Fall, 2007


Within 24 hours of sending my query to Martin Literary Management, my full manuscript had been requested and read, and I had a phone call offering to represent the book. Within weeks, Sharlene Martin had 15 publishers requesting the full manuscript, and in less than two months, she secured three offers, two of which were from major New York publishing houses. She patiently educated and advised me, answered every email within minutes, and kept me informed about the developments every step of the way. She is both gracious and tenacious, a rare combination. As a first-time author, I have learned an enormous amount about how to conduct myself throughout this process, just by observing her high level of professionalism. She has been a guide, a cheerleader, and an invaluable source of information. I am so fortunate that Sharlene accepted me as a client. I couldn't be in better hands.

-Kelly Madigan Erlandson, Getting Sober: A Practical Guide Through the First 30 Days, McGraw-Hill, Spring, 2007


I am incredibly fortunate that an agent as influential, well-informed and approachable as Sharlene Martin decided to notice me and take an interest in my project. Through the course of polishing my proposal, the advice I received from Martin Literary Management helped me to focus my goals, inspired my creative drive and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue dreams I would have never thought possible before.

–Lea Jacobson, Bar Flower, St. Martin’s Press, April, 2008



"Thank you so much Sharlene, for working so hard and believing in me! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me get my book published. I couldn't have done it without you!"

--Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Getting It Through My Thick Skull: Why I Stayed, What I Learned and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know, HCI Publications, 2009


Before signing on with Martin Literary Management, I never expected to sell my book to a major publisher, but Sharlene made it happen. She was able to see the potential for my book better than anyone else. Sharlene's reputation in the industry is so powerful that one acquisitions editor actually contacted her to ask for the proposal! Because publishers respect Sharlene's judgment, my manuscript was welcomed at all the big-name houses. I wish I could write ten books a year just for the joy of working with Sharlene to sell them.

-Art Blecher (Rabbi and Psychotherapist) The New American Judaism, Palgrave, Spring, 2007


"Sharlene put more heart into my project than I ever imagined I would receive from a literary agent. Her dedication and follow-through was like nothing I have experienced in the publishing industry. If you are looking for an agent who does what she says she is going to do, and does it FAST, then look no further, for you have found her. Once Sharlene believes in you and your project, there is no stopping her. When a roadblock appears she pushes it aside, then keeps going on her mission. I am grateful she came into my life."

-Suzanne Hansen--You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again, Crown Books, Jan. 2006

New York Times AND Los Angeles Times Bestseller List


"Want to put yourself into competent and committed hands? If you're a writer, Sharlene's your agent. I'll send her an email at six in the morning, and bang, back comes a response. The same thing at midnight. The lady's incredible! Does she ever sleep? I don't think so, not when she's working for her clients. That's the committed part. In terms of the competent part, there's nobody with better judgment. Every strategic call she made was right on target. She knows how to build a writer's career as well as advance a project. Start with competent and committed, then add spirited and fun. That's Sharlene - she's a dynamo.

-Tom Murphy, Reclaiming the Sky, Amacom, Sept. 11, 2006


"From the moment I signed with Martin Literary Management, it was obvious that I was being represented by one of the most determined agents in the business. Pushing me beyond my own dreams, Sharlene aimed for goals far surpassing the limitations I had created. As if I were her only client, she never allowed me to feel lost in her library of prominent manuscripts. Believing in my story, Sharlene fought to give my voice a broader audience, refusing to accept rejection at any level. Her dedication sets her apart in the industry. More than just a manager, Sharlene has become my mentor and advocate."

-Marlise Kast, The Tabloid Prodigy, Running Press/Perseus Books, May 2007


“Sharlene believed in our project from the beginning. Not only did she advise us as to how to portray our book in the best possible light to publishers, she gave it the most professional treatment herself. Sharlene worked diligently to find the publisher that was the best fit for all of us. Thank you, Sharlene!”

-Joelle Jay & Amy Kovarick, Baby on Board, Amacom, 2007


I adore working with Sharlene Martin. Not only is she smart, funny, and hard-working, she understands the big picture, bringing her expertise from her years in the entertainment industry. She can always be counted on to come up with inspired ideas -- and she contributes an enormous amount to the entire book campaign.

-Suzanne Wickham, Director of Media Relations, HarperOne


Sharlene Martin deserves a bowl of gold stars and a spa treatment for making my dream come true. Her high-octane, confident style and relentless pursuit of getting projects in front of decision makers is the reason why she's so successful. I'm lucky to have found her.

-Ron Saxen--The Good Eater: Making Peace with my Binge Eating Disorder
New Harbinger Publications, Spring, 2007


Sharlene Martin is that rarest of agents: an asset to both author and publisher. On behalf of her authors, she is a tireless and effective advocate for their best interests. She intelligently and passionately champions their cause, making sure the publisher treats her authors with respect and complete dedication. That would be rare enough in an agent. But Sharlene is also a wonderful partner with the publisher. She is creative, inventive and smart. She imagines marketing strategies that are both compelling and practical. She makes the publisher’s job easier, and the author’s chances for success greater. I don’t often recommend agents (more often, I encourage authors to avoid them), but Sharlene is a striking exception.

-Marji Ross, President and Publisher Regnery Publishing, Inc.


"I don't think Sharlene Martin has ever had a client with so little knowledge about publishing a commercial book. My writing has primarily been academic. After reading my manuscript, she offered specific advice and direction. I followed every suggestion and six months later had a book contract. She is professional, caring, and results-oriented. She is the perfect literary agent."

-Dr. Vance McLaughlin
J. Frank Hickey: The Postcard Killer, Thunder's Mouth, September, 2006


"Forgive the cliché, but if I must be in a foxhole I want Sharlene Martin with me. Then I know there will be at least one person with enough faith, enough strength, and enough balls to keep on fighting. Sure, she understands the business…GB Shaw said you could find genius on any street corner in London. But she also understands people (God help her). We who are dumb enough to consider ourselves artists show her our entire repertoire of insecurities, and she handles them all with intelligence, and class and dignity."

"And…oh yes…she’ll get your book published too."

-Alan Weisman, Prince of Darkness , Sterling, November, 2007 and Lone Star: The Long Goodbye of Dan Rather, John Wiley and Sons, September, 2006


"Sharlene is tenacious, focused, thorough and intelligent about approaching publishers. Within a month of engaging her, she secured me a personal meeting with a publisher and they made a pre-emptive offer within two days! I highly recommend Sharlene if you want to get your book published."

-Kelly Perdew, Winner Apprentice 2, Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles Learned in the Military and Applied under Donald Trump, Regnery, January, 2006



"The best thing that I can say about Sharlene Martin is that she said she would sell my book and she did! The second best thing I can say about her is that she did it with unparalleled enthusiasm and professionalism. She continually kept me in the loop and in good spirits with her unwavering optimism. Every day I knew exactly what was happening with my project and why. Sharlene is one of those rare people who gets the job done and does so with grace and passion."

-Alon Ziv, Breeding Between the Lines, Barricade Books, Fall, 2006



”My book was almost the book that wasn't. The proposal sat alone like a dog for two years in, hmmm, another agent's in-box. One day I decided enough was enough and I embarked on a search for "the little agent that could." I found her in Sharlene Martin: Two hours after I sent her my initial pitch, she asked for the full proposal. One day later, I'd signed with her. One month later, we were debating the relative merits of three solid offers. Sharlene is a joy to work with, tireless, creative, insightful, tenacious: All those things that everyone else says in these testimonials is absolutely true, in my experience. Her bias towards action is astounding. But the raw fun of working with her needs to be acknowledged. That, and the respect she has from each of the publishers I met with, Sharlene is just so endlessly impressive.”

-Kate Newlin, Shopportunity!, Harper Business, Fall, 2006






     Plus Media

"Sharlene Martin is one of the brightest stars in the publishing universe. Her wonderfully varied background serves her clients so well because she sees all aspects of a project. She has a terrific sense of marketing and ancillary opportunities. And if Sharlene says she's going to do something, she does it! It's such a pleasure to work with someone with such integrity. If I ever write a book, I want Sharlene to be my manager!"

-Victoria Lang, Co-President PLUS Media, Inc.


"Mere words cannot describe Sharlene Martin. As a writer, I confess a certain level of shame in that-- because I mean it literally. "Tireless" cannot begin to encompass the energy level Sharlene brings to each project she accepts. "Fierce loyalty" hardly scratches the surface of her approach to supporting the interests of her authors. "Laser-like intensity" scarcely does justice to Sharlene's commitment to making every book proposal and in-person pitch to prospective publishers as perfect as is humanly possible. I've known a number of literary agents during my writing career; none has come close to duplicating Sharlene's devotion to her craft, or her tenacity when it comes to matching her authors' works with precisely the right publishing house and editor. Simply stated, the lady is a jewel who I'm delighted to call my friend."

-David W. Latko, Everybody Wants Your Money: A Straight Talking Guide to Protecting and Growing the Wealth You Worked So Hard to Earn, HarperCollins, March, 2006


"Working with Sharlene Martin has been a blessing. Her combination of wisdom and business savvy made me feel safe, supported, and ready for anything. She is by far one of the best agents in the business!"

-Dougall Fraser, Psychic/Author--But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life
Rodale Press, April, 2005


"Sharlene Martin is a rarity in the literary world: She's a savvy, hands-on agent with extraordinary vision. A consummate professional who accepts nothing less than excellence from herself and for her clients, Sharlene deftly nurtures both books and writers from concept to proposal to print. Plus, she understands the wisdom in building careers for writers and knows exactly how to get it done. From day one of my affiliation with Martin Literary Management, Sharlene has been in touch on a daily basis and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in every way and gets my highest possible praise."

-Lisa Wysocky, My Horse, My Partner, Lyons Press, Nov. 2007 and Success Within, Sourcebooks, September, 2005


"Meeting the right agent -- Sharlene Martin -- convinced me to leave my regular publishing job and become a full-time (ghost)writer. And I am so glad I did! She lined up the perfect book for me -- a topic I was interested in, a great author, a major publisher -- not to mention a very lucrative financial deal. Her attention to all my concerns has been outstanding -- from travel arrangements to expense accounts to editorial input. Best of all, she is already lining up my next project! I know I am in good hands and would recommend her to any writers seeking a dedicated agent who really makes deals happen."

-Julie McCarron, Ghostwriter of numerous major celebrity books


"Sharlene is a great agent! Not only has she provided invaluable guidance every step of the way in preparing my book proposal, she's gotten great results! Sharlene knows the publishing business inside and out. I could tell that she's mastered Competitive Intelligence skills to be my high performing literary agent. Through Sharlene's expertise and enthusiasm we'll meet all of our publishing goals."

-January, 2006: Stephen Long, Ph.D. , Level Six Performance: A Gold Medal Formula for Professional and Personal Success, (Champion Press, January, 2006)


"Sharlene Martin is a reckoning waiting to happen -- an abundance of courage, determination and extraordinary intelligence. As I told someone recently, “This woman is on fire.” She personally has brought a great deal of value to my book project and has done it with joy and ease. As a first time author I couldn’t have expected a better professional experience and I never would have imagined that I would have an agent who I am proud to call a friend."

-Joan Baker, Secrets of Voice-Over Success( Sentient Publications, Spring, 2005)



"Choosing and being chosen by, the "right" agent is a major event. The "right" agent, in my mind, is one not only with excellent connections within the publishing industry, but one who goes that extra mile for their client. The first time my co-author and I met with Sharlene Martin, I was impressed not only with her energy, love of this industry and enthusiasm for our project, but her generosity. Even before signing on the dotted line, Sharlene graciously gave of her time and expertise in evaluating our proposal and offering excellent suggestions for fine tuning. I am so very pleased that Sharlene is now our agent and am positive that her drive, energy, tenacity and self-motivated new understanding of our subject matter will bring us great success in our publishing goals."

Gloria Lintermans, THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Loss to Life and Laughter and THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcending the Loss of a Spouse to New Love, Champion Books


"Sharlene Martin is a tireless worker who went above and beyond all our expectations! Her insight and experience is invaluable. Most importantly, her positive nature and good energy becomes a magnet to anyone who meets her which is extremely important when dealing with so many entities. We are proud to have her represent us and Zubaida on this project."


-Dr. Peter and Rebecca Grossman--Tiny Dancer: (St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne)


Andy Schell

You are the Everready Bunny! Amazing. Thanks for being there. Believe me, I have never met anyone in the business like you, Sharlene. Just getting a phone call or an email returned from most agents or managers is like pulling teeth. Most act as if an author or actor is a bother, rather than an opportunity. Your openness and work ethic is unique."

-Andy Schell, My Best Man (Kensington)